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Saturday, October 13, 2012 - 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
at Heartspring - 8700 E. 29th Street North in Wichita

This fun family event is a one-mile walk, followed by food, games, moonbounces, clowns, music, dancing, basket drawings, a teen room, and much more!

Team Trey - Team Captain: Renee Ford

Come Buddy Walk With Us!


Team Team Trey will be participating in the 9th Annual Wichita Buddy Walk on Saturday, October 13, 2012.  This fun-filled family event begins at 11:00 a.m.on the beautiful Heartspring campus, located at 8700 E. 29th Street North (between Rock and Webb Road) in Wichita.



Why We Are Walking.

The Buddy Walk was established in 1995 by the National Down Syndrome Society to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October and to promote acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome. Those of us on Team Trey, walk for a special little 2 1/2 year old who has made our lives a better place simply by being himself!  We have learned Down Syndrome is just a diagnosis and does not define our little firecracker!

The Buddy Walk is a one-mile walk in which anyone can participate to help celebrate the many abilities and accomplishments of people with Down syndrome. Enjoy the festivities immediately following the walk - food and drinks, a basket raffle, carnival games and prizes, music, face painting, a teen room, moonwalks, an obstacle course, cheerleaders, clowns and a fire truck! There is no fee to participate in this event.

Team Trey is participating in the Buddy Walk to show our support for the more than 350,000 individuals with Down syndrome in the United States. Every step we take, every dollar we raise will help ensure that each individual with Down syndrome in the United States will be given every opportunity to reach their full potential.

Will You Join Us?

Your involvement in the Buddy Walk - by walking with us or by sponsoring our team - will make steps for a brighter tomorrow for individuals with Down syndrome. 

To walk with us, just click on the "Walk for Team Trey" link above to register for our team.  If you are unable to walk with us but would like to sponsor our team, then you may do so by simply clicking on the "Donate to Team Trey" link above.


Sincerely, Renee Ford - Team Captain


Team Goal



Team Roster

Bryan Ashe
Jamie Bailey
Kaleb Bailey
Kyli Bailey
Sean Bailey
Emily Bell
Chase Benoit
Janet Benoit
Paige Benoit
Cammie Bowman
Kensley Bowman
Devlyn Brill
Nash Brill
Layla Brim
Melissa Brim
Olivia Brim
Trae Brim
Ashley Brodin
Elijah Bryant
Keirsten Bryant
Rebecca Bryant
Kaitlyn Cairns
Carolyn Carnes
Chuck Carnes
Abbey Cockrell
Kobe Cockrell
Ronda Cockrell
Autumn Cole
Bryn Cole
Kristi Cole
Julia Cooper
Mandelin Cooper
Ronnie Cooper
Abby Cradduck
Skylar Craft
Alexis Denny
Cole Denny
Heath Denny
Savannah Denny
Savannah Denny
Tiffany Denny
Aleta Devine
Bryant Devine
Kinsley Devine
Amber Dixon
Heather Dixon
Holly Dixon
John Doe
Amanda Duffy
Kevin Duffy
Elayna Duncan
Nataile Erwin
Rosemary Erwin
Ashley Farber
Adam Firebaugh
Blake Firebaugh
Brandon Ford
Gage Ford
Mary Ford
Renee Ford
Tatum Ford
Terri Ford
Terri Ford
Trey Ford
Kristen Foust
Ty Foust
Ben Genereux
Isaac Genereux
Owen Genereux
Raven Genereux
Dustin Gier
Debra Good
Jason Gruver
Kate Gruver
Matt Hamer
Megan Hamer
Slade Hancock
Alyssa Harbin
Michelle Harbin
Nick Harbin
Mia Hays
Connor Hedrick
Jaime Hedrick
Susan Hedrick
Staci Henry
Blake Heumann
Brooke Heumann
Kadance Heumann
Kellie Hoagland
Kellie Hoagland
Reese Hock
Chris Hoffert
Tessie Hoffert
Alexia Hood
Aliyana Hood
Cindy Hood
Emma Hood
Eric Hood
Kelly Hull
Donna Jantzen
Rich Jantzen
Crystal Jeans
Deborah John
Tom John
Jenika Johnson
Kayleigh Johnston
Cara Jones
Chris Jones
Devin Jones
Dylan Jones
Jacque Jones
Jasper Jones
Tyler Jones
Brecken Kasel
Brody Kasel
Cami Kasel
Justin Kasel
Braxton Keene
NaTasha Keene
Patricia Keene
Brandon Kerr
Haley Kerr
Julie Kerr
Ken Kerr
Kennedy Kerr
Amie Knisley
Ali Knopp
Joey Knopp
Rachel Knopp
Zac Knopp
Meagan Krug
Adalyn LaRue
Amy LaRue
Macie LaRue
Shane LaRue
Sherry Lasiter
Crystal Leatherman
John Lehl
Mindy Lehl
Scott Licon
Mattie Lippoldt
Haileigh Mardis
Jeremy Mardis
Rory Mardis
Trevyn Mardis
Alicia McGinnis-Saudino
Karli McLean
Kyle Miller
Kyle Miller
Vivian -Mom's Friend
Ian Moore
Jenny Moore
Kaia Moore
Aaron Nedd
Jennifer Nedd
Natalie Nichols
Aiden Olson
Breckin Olson
Matt Olson
Aubrey Peck
Mackenzie Pepper
Whitney Pepper
Brooke Phillips
Claire Ramos
Mallory Ramos
Robyn Ramos
Shawn Ramos
cherai reef
Aundrea Reynolds
Becky Roberts
Becky Roberts
Emma Roberts
Jolee Roberts
Lynessa Roberts
Rachel Root
Aimee Rupert
Bethany Sailsbury
Kevin Sailsbury
Logan Sailsbury
Madison Sailsbury
Mallorie Sailsbury
Jessica Sawyer
Erin Seabrook
Kaitlyn Seabrook
ashley shandy
Lynsey Shipman
Sid Shipman
Hannah Showalter
Sydnie Shupert
Amber Simon
Ava Simon
Hanna Simon
Kayly Simon
Lisa Simon
Quincy Simon
Sharon Simon
Shelly Simon
Gabe Skibbee
Alexus Solf
Ashely Solf
Melissa Solf
Troy Solf
Dreyton Stacy
Ken Stacy
Kolby Stacy
Emma Starks
Amy Steadman
Amy Steadman
Jared Steadman
Jared Steadman
Madison Steadman
Madison Steadman
Kristen Storts
Maddie Storts-Roberts
Emily Stybr
Harleigh Surtman
Hudson Surtman
Julie Surtman
Taylee Tacner
Ty Tacner
Tyler Tacner
Tiffany Taylor
Mary Thelander
Amanda Thome
Rachel Thome Cook
Taylor Tompkins
Toni Tompkins
Shelly Tompkins-Roles
Kohle Vinson
Katie Volkman
Brooke Waidley
Christina Waidley
Madison Waidley
Hallie Walmsley
Hanna Walmsley
Angie Ward
Bradie Ward
Karsyn Ward
Ryan Ward
Tristan Ward
Annabelle Williams
Krystin Wilson
Andy Woodward
Audrey Woodward
Brooke Woodward
Evan Woodward
Mara Woodward
breann woolery
Cash Woolery
James Woolery
Jenee Woolery
Masyn Woolery
Saydie Woolery
Xoie Woolery
Gannon Worley
Hunter Worley
Jennifer Worley
Kira Worley
Nicki X.

Team Donors

Mandy Anderson-Dulu Designs
Logan & Amanda
Emily Bell
Cammie and Kensley Bowman
Kim Brown- Tastefully Simple
Kaitlyn Cairns
Cindy Carnahan
Carolyn Carnes
Frank and Kris Carson
Lucy Witt
Abbey Cockrell
Ronda Cockrell
Kristi Cole
Cooper Family
Crestview Country Club
Dieker Family
Kristina Egan- Kristina's Bowtique
Diana Finley-Premier Jewelry Designs
Mary Ford
Ford Family
Terri Ford
John Ford
Christine Frakes- Wall *AHH
Pamela Freuchting
Hannah Gerbeding
Tonya Godinez
Tonya McCullock- Grace Adele
Debra Good
Adrianna Grube- Jamberry Nails
Kate Gruver
Megan Harp
Snow Havlik
Snow Havlik
Brooke Heumann
Val Hill
Hood Family
Kelly Hull
Silent Auction Bidder- Audrey Hummel
Marsha Jiava
DJA Financial Aid Services
DJA Financial Aid Services, company match
Uncle Tom
Kayleigh Johnston
Cami Kasel
The Kerr's
Amie for Team Trey!!
Eric Larson
Sherry L
Alicia McGinnis-Saudino
Ott family
Whitney & Mackenzie Pepper
Brooke Phillips
Natalie Nichols Pledge Form
Catherine Powell-Stella and Dot
Robyn and Shawn Ramos
Pamela Renn
AMS Cheer - Rachel
Jessica Sawyer-AMS
Lynette Schlitt
Cake Face Bake Shop
Erin Seabrook
Kaitlyn Seabrook
Stormi Sena- Pampered Chef
Stormi Sena-Stormi's Fabric Creations
Hannah Showalter
Hanna Simon
Kayly Simon
Grandma Simon
Shelly Simon
Emma Starks
AMS Cheer-Emily Stybr
Chris and Julie Surtman
Shelly Tompkins-Roles
Shelly Tompkins Roles
Angie Ward- Body by Vi
Mandi Ward
Kelly Wilks
Wilmoth Family-Dress Down Funds
Robert Wilson
Joan Witherington-Arbonne
The Woodwards
Jennifer Worley-31
Dress Down-Jennifer Worley
Ashley Zentz- Celebrating Home

Count Down

 Days hours,   minutes,
 seconds until the fun begins!


PLATINUM SPONSORS  -  $3,500 or more:
Jimmy John's
Midwest Single Source
Via Christi Health Inc.
Anonymous Donor

GOLD SPONSORS - $2,500 - $3.499:
Galichia Heart Hospital
Spirit AeroSystems Employees - Wichita


And Thanks To These Generous Donors . . .

SILVER SPONSORS  -   $1,000 - $2,499:
Atlas MD
Bank of America
Cargill Cares
Deborah John & Associates
Imagination Movers
Key Construction
McAlister Transportation, LLC
Personnel Services, Inc.
Rand Graphics
Shurts Logo Apparel and More
Universal Lubricants

BRONZE SPONSORS  -  $100 - $999:
  Bouncing Kiddos
Buffalo Wild Wings
Crestview Country Club
Cy Wiggans Agency, Inc.
Dance Reflections
Dold Foods
Emprise Bank
Frog Holler Paintball
Ice Masters
Kennedy & Coe
K K Office Solutions
KP Pro Audio
Kroger Company Foundation
Mas Tequila
Milkhouse Studio
Mobile Game Den
National Tiger Sanctuary - Branson
Natural Grocers
Stampin' Up
  Sunflower Photo Booth Company
Tree Top Nursery
Waste Connections
Wes Sawyer American Family Insurance
Wichita Fire Department
Wichita Police Department
Wichita Wagonmasters
Wichita Wings


The Buddy Walk® was created by the National Down Syndrome Society in 1995 to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October and to promote acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome. The Buddy Walk has grown from 17 walks in 1995 to nearly 250 walks planned for 2012 worldwide. In 2011, more than $11.5 million was raised nationwide to benefit local programs and services, as well as the national advocacy initiatives of NDSS that benefit all individuals with Down syndrome.