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New Site

  We are excited to announce that we have launched a brand-new site completely rewritten from scratch.  This version only exists for archival purposes.  Please visit our new site at www.ezeventsolutions.com.

Our Story

  Perry Schnacker, the founder of EZ Event Solutions, got involved with the Kansas City Buddy Walk after the birth of his third child, a son with Down Syndrome. Being a software developer, it was a natural fit for him to help with the online registration for the Kansas City Buddy Walk. After working with the existing online registration system for a year he decided to take on the task of writing a system that would better meet the needs of the Kansas City walk. The first year of powering the Kansas City walk was a success.  Additional walks were added the next year resulting in another successful year. The walks ranged from the Largest Buddy Walk in the world to much smaller walks. We strive to meet the individual needs of each walk while empowering each event to achieve or exceed the goals that they set.       

Our Mission

  Our Mission is to help non profit organizations by providing registration and fundraising web sites that are easy to use and affordable.

Contact Us

  The best way to contact us to inquire about our services is to email us at sherris@ezeventsolutions.com

Software Development


If you have custom software development needs, please visit us at SCHNACKERS.NET.